I currently offer packages in Real Estate Photography and professional Portraits/Headshots. 

For Real Estate, this includes Residential and Business locations.  I work with  home owners, individuals and Realtors

For Portraits, they can be used for resumes, social media sites, profile photos and the like.

Payment is due the day of the service.  Acceptable forms of payment are cash, or by credit card.  Cards accepted are Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Real Estate / Architectural

Homes up to 2,000 sq/ft - $150.00

Homes 2,001-3500 sq/ft - $225.00

Homes 3,500+ sq/ft - $300.00

Airbnb Hosts - Please contact me for details, as you may only need certain sections or rooms of a home photographed.

Twilight Shots - $75  - This is added onto a previous package.  I will take several twilight/sunset photos of the location.  This typically requires all lights to be on, both indoor and outdoor.  It creates a good selling feature to show the property this way!

Commercial Properties - $300 - Typically businesses, non-profit organizations, charities and churches.

Professional Headshots - $225.00 - These can be done on a seamless background, such as white or black, or more stylized, such as a gradient or other background enhancement, on location at your office, or even at a outdoor location.

Additionally, I offer group rates for businesses needing photos of their staff, usable on their website, internal Intranet pages or hanging on their walls.

Business Group - $650.00 - For up to four (4) people

If your office has more than four (4) people on staff that needs photographed, for each additional person there is a charge of $75.

Travel Fee - $35 - This is added when the location being photographed is located 25 miles away from us.  Currently our location zip is 32533 so anything outside this radius will incur the travel fee.

All Packages include Photo Rights to use photos in online advertising/realty sites, and printing for magazine/newspaper ads. Includes access to online gallery for digital download.

If a property exceeds 8,000 square feet, please contact me so we can discuss details and work out specifics.

Typical photo turnaround/delivery is 24 - 48 hours. 

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